Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mobile Chernobyl

"Shooting xray!" You hear those words and you will literally see everyone in the room up and moving towards the door and out into the hallway. Parents forsake their children. Nurses forsake their patients leaving them alone and helpless to absorb all the radiation we're so desperate to avoid. Thanks for taking one for the team, guys. I really think by the time we get home Rambo will be the kids own glow in the dark toy. 

Ahhh, life in the PICU. 

We never expected to be in the PICU as long as we were. We didn't expect a lot of things. But I definitely think we left our mark wherever we went. Whether that's a good or bad thing is left to one's own opinion. Going with the flow; rolling with the punches; whatever you want to say, we are experts at it now. Why not make it enjoyable? 

Our days pretty much consisted of waking up, walking to the hospital, going to the 7th floor and entering First Big. That place will always hold a special spot in my heart. Imagine if you will a very comfortable, spacious, quiet atmosphere and then imagine the exact opposite. THAT was First Big. Loud, cramped quarters. Lots and lots of people, no privacy. Home sweet home. We usually had just enough room to push a chair right up against the bed while the other person stood on the other side between the ventilator and the wall. It's a good thing the nurses were great and we all got along because it could make for one miserable day if you didn't. (Well, they liked me anyway. They put up with Ben for my sake.) This was also the place where the majority of his intubations and extubations took place. God bless those doctors and nurses for all their attempts- failed though they were. 

I can definitely say I had a love/hate relationship with the JHH PICU. I love you but I hope to never see you again.  

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  1. Hello Taylors!

    I have been following the blog and Facebook posts since Theo joined your gang. We all know what he is facing medically is nothing that the majority of children will ever do through, but what I know is how rare it is for a child to have such committed and caring parents. With that alone, Theodore is certain to have a bright future filled opportunity.

    -Jeremy Felton