Sunday, February 20, 2011

Planet of the apes

Tomorrow is the big day - for the third time. (I told you it was a crap shoot.) Little man will be getting a baboon's heart.

I made you wonder, didn't I? No, he won't be receiving a primates organ but he will most likely be getting an artificial valve. The first step in converting him inwardly to all mechanical parts will be complete. After the valve, the rest of the heart. Then kidneys, liver, lungs - hook him up to hot water and we'll have the first steampunk baby. Be jealous.

It's been determined that the change in his heart functionality was not caused by infection but rather just the repairs giving up. He apparently did not have the best tissue to begin with, which I think would have been nice to know the first time around, but whatever. I suppose the outcome wouldn't be any different.

The exact time of surgery is not known because they just have to fit him in where they can. But they assure us they will fit him in. He's had no more seizure like activity since he was moved upstairs so thankfully I haven't had to watch him turn purple again. They are keeping him heavily sedated so he can rest before his surgery.

Now, for a preview from my new and hopefully short journal, Diary of an Insane White Woman.
*Listening is observating.
*A frozen 'z' is very similar to a cursive one.
Words of wisdom, I think.

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