Monday, February 14, 2011

So you're sayin' there's a chance.

There are several things I've learned in the past few months. The first of which is even Baja Fresh gets old when it's pretty much your only choice of nourishment at the hospital. I've also learned more information about the heart than I care to bore you with, the names of all the nurses in the PICU and NICU, and that Plan D is always the plan you end up with.

My knight in shining armour doctor finally agreed to induce me 2 weeks before my due date. I can not tell you how much this pleased me. And to my pleasure even more, I went into labor on my own the morning I was supposed to be induced. I give my husband credit at this point because at 2am I said "My water broke!" and he hit the ground running. We had to make it to Johns Hopkins since it had been decided it was the best place to deliver so we had over an hours ride and this was my 4th child. Keep in mind, I barely made it to our local hospital with the last one.  

Anyway, a pretty uneventful trip and several hours later Rambo finally entered the world. I'd like to say he came out with a bang but he didn't. At leat not in the way that you would think. I wasn't aware of much but I did notice that he wasn't crying. See, he was trouble from the beginning. So to save you all the boring details they got him breathing and transported him to the NICU to observe him for a few days and then send him home. That was Plan A anyway. Which, if you defer to the first paragraph you'll see how well that worked out. 

The cardiologists came over the next few days and did echo's to look at his heart. We were told quite a few times that we'd be home within days. Well........ we're still here 10 weeks later so I'm thinking that was kind of a 'weatherman call'. After the first week, he was actually looking pretty good and it seemed that his feeding issue was the only thing really keeping him from home. But out of nowhere, 2 days before Christmas, he turned suddenly downhill. He literally took the form of a limp fish and as you can imagine, that was not a pretty sight. Hence, his first emergency intubation. Yes, I said first. This was just the beginning of a very bad trend for him. 

Theodore decided he liked it here - so much so that he would do anything he could to stay. I suppose he likes emergency intubations, endless pokes and prods, people scurrying all about him. Just like his dad...

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