Monday, March 7, 2011

Falcor the luck dragon.

You know that's a scary sight.

I feel about today the same way I feel about The Never Ending Story: confused and unsure. It wasn't a bad day, persay. Theodore was fine. It was just.... off. It started when I woke up. 

I'm wondering how many of you 'got' my last sentence. Of course it started when I woke up. I slept in until 10. I haven't done that in a very very long time. Let's see, Israel is how old?? Yeah, it's been since about then. I think my body has just taken over. I have slept through alarms for the past 3 nights. I mean seriously slept through them. I don't even remember turning them off. I only know I have dreamt that I got up and pumped (the reason for setting the alarm). Imagine how disappointed I was when I realized it had only been a dream. I despise pumping. But anyway.... I wake up. The day gets started later than I had planned which means I get to the hospital later than I had planned. And they changed the parking! Why? I'll never know, but they did. As I said before, Theodore was fine, but he seemed a little..... something. His heart rate was up all afternoon, he was sweaty, he wasn't peeing. But he didn't actively act agitated. He was sleeping, smiling, etc. He had 2 eye exams, a bladder ultrasound, a catheter, and a trach change today. This was the first trach change I had witnessed and I approved the team effort. Good job, team. Next time it will be my turn. Then on the drive home my ears get 'clogged' going up the same hill that I go up every day, but this time they never popped. Enter my three other children. Every noise, squeel, scream, complaint is magnified and I'm instantly annoyed.

I expect that you all are feeling sincere pity for me. I mean, how much should one person have to take??? 

Okay, okay. I have enough pity for myself, I know.

Oh, by the way, he had 2 eye exams today because the doctor is concerned that he can't see. Just what we need, right? The exams went well and physically speaking he has all the 'parts' and everything seems to be formed correctly. However, there is no evidence of him fixing or focusing his eyes on anything. He has always had some issues with his eyes, but at one point he did focus very well. He does not now. When his eyes aren't looking up/back as far as they can they are constantly moving left and right. No one is sure why. Maybe Theodore was feeling a little neglected by everyone so he decided to spice it up. I wish he would stop doing that.

So here's to the hope that tomorrow is better. That sleep is sweet. And that Pluto is once again considered a planet. 

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