Thursday, March 10, 2011

national treasure

Well, little man just went back for his surgery. His face will be tube free for the first time since his first week of life. So no more of this:

:) Yay :)

And I'm wondering why the only thing on my mind is a Cinnabon cinnamin roll. They are so good. Well, I guess I know why that's on my mind: I'm starving! But still, shouldn't I be thinking about my son and his surgery and all of that? What kind of a mother am I? :)
Since my hunger situation is so dire, his nurse has decided to send me on what she's called a 'treasure hunt' for the best hazlenut coffee and scones around. So she says. And if that is the case then why in these 3 months we've been here have I never heard of this place? I'm thinking this is more of a wild goose chase. It involves going over a bridge, through a garage, etc. She even had to draw me a map. I keep expecting Nicholas Cage to come around the corner with a historical document of some sort, decoding something. I'm reserving judgement but expecting great things. (from the coffee, not Nicholas Cage) I'll let you know.

So that's it for now. I'm signing off. I'll give you an update on this so called amazing coffee. Oh yeah, and Theodore too.....


  1. Anticipating a great report :) Much love, girl!!! <3

  2. Jay's on the 9th Floor...across Wolfe street? I think they save these little tid bits of info for when you need it the most.

    You do realize that this is another step in the right direction...and that is worth celebrating!!! Every time they do something that is "permanent" in terms of his long term care (like the trach and GTube), they are giving you tools that will help him thrive at home :D

    He should be done pretty soon. Waiting to hear another sigh of relief and a report on the CinnaBons.

    Love ya!