Monday, March 14, 2011

Wall of onesies

Thanks to Peter and Veronique Guy and Rebecca - head of clinical customer service, (Yes, Rebecca, I said 'head'. You know you are, don't deny it) I've decided to memorialize Rambo's stay here at JHH by a wall of onesies. This way, when he's grown, he can look back and remember all the 'fun times' we had here. And then, I'll join Hannah in punching him in the face for all he's put us through. So, here are my ideas so far:
1) I <3 steampunk. This one is actually from Peter and Veronique. Thanks, guys, I love it!
2) Rambo's Remedy
3) Bionic Baby
4) I'm a medical anomaly
5) trach baby!
7) PICU > NICU (just kidding, NICU, geesh)
8) Mobile Chernobyl: Shooting Xray!
9) I heart Friar Tuck
10) zing *lisp*
11) bonzai! bonzai! bonzai!
12) Baja *blorgh* Fresh
13) Delta Garret Delta
14) "Sikerudy!" (security)
15) Rambo > Nicholas Cage - I just threw that in there for fun. But it's totally true.

Really, Rambo will probably be 45 by the time I get all these onesies made, but still. It's the principle. So feel free to comment with any good ideas you have for a onesie. But make sure they're actually good. I do hold the power to delete comments if I don't like them. Muahahaha. Okay, I would never actually do that.

Theodore got moved to a crib yesterday. Big day for him. This means that he can hold his heat on his own and no longer needs a warmer. I think he got a little carried away trying to prove he could handle a big boy bed because now he's running a fever. I tell ya, when he does something he goes all the way. I guess we can't say he's not thorough.

 This also means that he can have some toys. Even though he can't fix his eyes on anything, Ben and I still believe that he can see. Just by watching him you can tell that he's interacting and trying to track things. In any case, even if he can't, we're covering our basis and trying to help him developmentally. Because you just never know! :)

I'm so tired of this place (JHH and Baltimore) I could spit. (I actually have never understood that saying but have always wanted to say it. Not as fulfilling as I had hoped.) Anyway, I can't wait to be back on the Eastern Shore. Screw the city, man. Maybe I'll take some of Arnold's advice and "let off some steam" because I'm finding myself more and more agitated each day. I'm off to find some yoga or crumpets or something relaxing.