Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would you rather... the top scientist in your field or have mad cow disease? These are they type of questions I feel like we've been faced with throughout this whole ordeal. Except there's never an obviously better choice in our case: mad cow disease all the way - I hate science.

Would you rather your son have his heart surgery now or live in anticipation of it for the next 4 months?

Would you rather have your baby at home and deal with all the sleepless nights or have him in the hospital until that stage is over?

Would you rather actually feel like a mom with him in the NICU or have him in absolute constant great care in the PICU but feel disconnected?

Would you rather keep trying to extubate with the hope that it will work this time or take the step of a tracheostomy?

Would you rather all be living together at home or living away and apart so you're dodging the outrageous electric bill that winter brings?

Of course, most of these scenarios we never really had a choice in. It was what it was. But it forced me to look at the brighter side of things. Or maybe it was just the other side not necessarily the brighter one. In any case, I suppose the grass is always greener.

For now, Theodore is doing well; thriving even. Of course, now that I said that he'll probably almost die tonight from an anthrax attack in the NICU or something. Because that's the way it goes. I should have learned my lesson from OMG Megan. She was one of his nurses in the PICU. We were all just hanging out when she says the infamous words, "I wish I had something to do." Well, Megan, you got your wish. And now everyone reading this knows the story of one of his emergency intubations. We forgive you.

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  1. Amanda,

    I am in awe of your writing and courage. It amazes me the sense of humor that you have even through this trial. I understand that having a sense of humor is probably a necessity given the non-humorous events that are now your day-to-day life. I am praying for baby Rambo. Wow is his name appropriate! Such a little fighter! I was wondering if you mind if I share your story on my blog site for my son Grayson. He has been fighting a rare Leukemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant 2 months ago at 10mos old. We are still not HOME, but hope to be there soon. Anyway, I have so many people praying for my son and I would just like them to know and pray for your litte Theodore. Please let me know if this would be okay with you and your husband.

    Also if you don't mind me asking, where is your son being treated?

    Pam Brown
    (Amanda Labelle's sister)