Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well, we've been home for almost a week. Today, I actually accomplished to get up, get dressed, and get a little bit of makeup on. I consider that a success. Of course, my hair has not been touched since yesterday and I'm totally overdue for a shower, but we're making baby steps. Somehow Theodore has managed to be the only one to get a bath everyday. I do envy him for that, but I'm definitely not willing to poop my sheets to get it. The things you can get away with as a baby. The means do not justify the ends for me in this situation. 

Our dining room has been turned into a mini Hopkins. I suppose he's worth the sacrifice of a dining room table. At least the carpeting is more appropriate for a bedroom. The couch has become my new bed and Rambo's nicely finished new room is not being used at all :(

So we have survived the first week. Maybe next week Theodore won't be the only one having timely showers or baths. Maybe I'll actually get clothes put away. Maybe if you drive a DeLorean 88 miles per hour you will actually end up in the past. All are just as likely to happen. The odds aren't really in our favor, but we will press on.  

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