Monday, April 11, 2011

Nathan Algren

Apparently Rambo needs his methadone like Tom Cruise needed his sake in The Last Samurai. "SAKE!!!" Except it was 'methadone' he was screaming on Saturday when he was running a 40.1 degree Celsius fever. For those of you who don't speak Celsius, its hot. Like, 104 F hot. They just let him scream it out for a while.

Just kidding! Of course they didn't. This isn't Mt. Washington. Kidding, kidding....

Aaaaaaanyway, he was feeling much better after they upped his dose again. Give the man his drugs! And now, he's his happy go lucky self.

Of course he has this uncanny talent of being not happy go lucky when it's time for me to leave. I swear he senses it. I don't know how, but he does. That sweet little smile on his face morphs into something alien. And once the transformation starts there's no stopping it. I'm sure that all moms have experienced this, at least to some degree. It's time for sleep or work or something that will pull you away from your baby and they somehow know it's coming. So they save up their most pitiful, precious faces to guilt you into spending two more minutes with them. Two more minutes that turn into 20 then 45 and the next thing you know you're just getting around to eating dinner well past the kids bedtime.

Such is life, I suppose. And I have 4 kids so I must think it's all worth it. The moral of the story is don't marry and then divorce a man who's hired by the government or you'll end up in Australia being chased by Rico the drug lord.

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