Friday, April 15, 2011

They're dead, Claire! They're all dead!

Something tells me that Ethan and Claire aren't going to be the only ones seeing 0400, 4am this morning. Tonight I'm staying at the hospital to take care of Rambo to prove that we can, indeed, do this. (Man, I really hope I can do this.) I know I have 3 other kids but it's been a while since I've seen zero:dark thirty.

*Whispering so Rambo doesn't hear* The plan is, as long as he behaves, to take him home this coming week!! Please nobody tell him! He has a way of changing the plans that are made for him. So maybe if no one says anything he'll think he planned it all by himself. Because if those plans don't stick, you may have thought you've seen me upset, but I promise - you've never seen me very upset. 

In hopes of sticking with the plan, there should be a truckload of equipment arriving at our house at some point. Shift nurses will soon be put through the grueling task of being interviewed by me and Ben until we pick the one who can care for Rambo and also put up with us. Not sure if that's possible.

So raise your bottles of Nestle Good Start 28 cal formula or breastmilk, whichever you prefer - I don't want to know - and toast to a new start, a family reunited, and good ol' Cordova.

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