Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life According to Emma

Emma is our third child -the youngest girl. She is a sweetheart. Hugs and kisses are her specialty. She loves all her siblings especially Rambo. She's always making cards and giving you 'gifts'. Although, those usually consist of a pair of your own old worn shoes or a plastic pink saucer from her tea set. She'll fall asleep wherever she lies if she's tired and she loves to sing songs. She is also extremely sneaky. Dare I say, at times, a little trickster. Which is why her nickname is SneakySnead. This, however, is obviously cancelled out by the fact that she is cute. Indisputably, terribly, ridiculously cute.

 And not just because she looks cute, but because she sounds cute as well. If you sat and listened to her talk you would not be able to help but smile. And talk she does. There's always a story she made up, a knock knock joke to tell, a song to sing, something she wants to tell you for the millionth time, or a story that Israel or Ruth already told you but she has changed one tiny little non-important detail that for some reason makes the whole thing hilariously funny to her. And while we're on the subject, I don't think she fully understands the concept of knock knock jokes. Hers look a little something like this-

     Emma: Knock Knock. Who's there?

     *waits for you to say something*

     Emma: have you ever seen a bear who hurt his arm because he wasn't strong and he was a baby?

     *fierce laughter ensues*

Sometimes Ben and I will talk in Emma speak. You just can't help yourself. She has the most adorable voice and somewhere along the line she ended up with my little tiny barely noticeable speech impediment. 'R's are very hard for her to say. Impossible really. So cuteness is automatically magnified 50% by this (on her, not me. Let's hope she outgrows it like I did.) And other things she just doesn't say correctly and we all go along with it. Here are a few examples of Emma speak:

Theedo is Theodore

hanitizer is hand sanitizer

sweekets are secrets

poppart is poptart

tinackskis is gymnastics

PBSA is VBS - no idea where that one came from but it makes me laugh.

She also uses the phrase 'in case' incorrectly. An Emma speak example is: Can I put on my bathing suit in case I can do tinackskis? Or, Theedo wants to be suctioned in case he can breath.

You might be pretty but God is prettier. She's a good dancer but God is the best dancer. He's nice but God is nicer.

Her favorite movie is Realpunzel because they have none steps or ladders.

She was singing to Rambo the other day- "Everything is pretty what God made, even rainbows." And her other favorite song to sing right now is "No one comes to the Father except me." - Not sure her theology is right on that one.

She's adorable and she knows it, yet she still seems so sweetly unaware. I love that girl.

As far as Rambo goes, well, he's pretty much the same. He did sit in a Bumbo this week and really enjoyed it. That will hopefully help him strengthen stomach, back and neck muscles so he can sit up on his own.

He's getting big but has seemed to hit a plateau developmentally. He's been very socially interactive so I guess that's a step. He still raises a ruckus when he's not happy and keeps us all busy. Everyone keeps saying that this is just a season but I think we are realizing it's a new path for our life - not just a season. I love him still and will gladly walk down that new path. Most days. Today was not one of those days I was glad to be walking it. I would have rather been walking out my door and down the street. But I will survive. I will survive. As long as I know how to love I know I'll be alright. Because I'm a surviver. I'm gonna make it. I will survive. Keep on surviving.

Okay, my tribute to Gloria and Beyonce is done. I'm going to go think of something amazing to make out of ground beef for dinner.


  1. I am just now reading this... for some reason... bad friend? maybe but the world is now back in balance because this post reeeeally made me smile. I love that Emma girl :) She really is the sweetest, cutest thing ever :)

    As for Theodore's 'season' well... maybe its like how global warming is messing all the seasons... snows in summer, warm in winter and forces all the sharks to attack people... (sorry if you didn't get the shark week reference) and there's nothing. we. can. do. about. it. The weather goes on sucking and we keep on truckin. You get the idea... ??? Ok maybe not. But you still love me :) Hopefully it at least made you smile ;)

    Love you SUPER MOMMA!!!

  2. lololol ! that rockd minda , I especially loved the knock knock joke . so Emma = )

    " knock knock ! who's there ? oranges ! oranges who ? Lettuce ! = )