Sunday, August 28, 2011

Operation: Hurricane hunkerdown

Well, the storm is over. Hurricane Irene has come and gone. Most things have been left undamaged and we're all still standing. Just as we thought it would most likely be. But I did one thing this time around that I had never done before. I prepared for a hurricane. Now, it's not because we've never had a hurricane (although, to my recollection this is the first 'big one' in my lifetime). It is because I don't prepare. Ever. Even having been a mom for now 7 (wow) years, I have always enjoyed being flexible, go with the flow, spontaneous, naieve - call it what you will. I. don't. prepare. BUT a certain someone that entered our lives on Dec 15 2010 has changed all that. Against my will too! That boy cramps my style.

Back to the hurricane. I actually started boiling water and putting it in empty gallon containers two days ago. I bought extra wipes and diapers. I even, get this, got medications refilled ahead of time. I generally find myself ordering his meds the day before he needs them and then spend my time running from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to find someone who can fill it. This, of course, is not my fault. It's the pharmacies fault because.... well, just because. Things at home were tied down, taped up, and turned over just incase. Just in case what? I'm glad you asked. Just in case the wind blew something into the window and broke it and now Theodore's area is drenched in water. Just in case something was blown into the van and now we can't get Theodore to the hospital. Just in case we ran out of electricity for an extended period of time and we don't have water to make his bottles. (Also, damage to our house would really stink.) Yet even though we found ourselves as prepared as possible at home, here we sit, at my parents house because we just couldn't take the risk. And it's a good thing we did because power at our house did go out yesterday evening and is still out at 11am the next morning. Who knows how long it will be like that. And we only have so much portable oxygen.

Now, I can see a lot of perks to being at my own house. First of all, it's MY house. We've spent enough time away from it already. You're always more comfortable in your own home. The kids like playing in their own rooms. The list goes on and on. But as I sit here with my kids watching a movie on Netflix, me just having gotten out of a nice hot shower, and a cup of hot fresh coffee in my hands I think how nice it is to be here. I'm so glad I'm not 'camping out' in my own living room. How my parents feel about that, I'm not sure considering we're taking over, not just their living room with all of Rambo's supplies, but their entire house.

The kids enjoyed watching the hurricane from the garage for awhile. They enjoyed it until it was time to go to bed anyway. Then the 'weird' room and the strange noises pretty much kept them up the entire night. (Note: this make is sound like we made them sleep in the garage. Not quite.) Rambo was none the wiser to the entire situation. It would figure that the person responsible for the whole mess had no idea what was going on.

All in all Operation: Hurricane hunkerdown was a success. Now as soon as we get power at our house then we'll really be talking.

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