Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power Update

Day 4 and still no power. Hoping today is the day. We're still bunking at my parents and as you can see......

.....Rambo doesn't seem to mind. :) Our nurse has even come here so that we can still sleep at night. I'm anxious to get home but not so anxious about cleaning up all the odd smells that will be emanating from our refrigerator due to four days without power.

On a side note, to all those saying that Irene was lame or a disappointment or whatever - remember that some places were massively flooded, streets closed, and there are/were long standing power outages. Just because your house or neighborhood was not affected doesn't mean that nowhere was. Try being thankful. :)

Enough reprimand. I need to go make some very stern (but loving) phone calls to Delmarva Power.



  1. BG&E is having similar issues here. Our receptionist won't have power til Friday...

  2. Amanda, make sure you ask them about being on their "life support list". We had that for Jason and whenever there was an outage our home was made a priority for restoring power.

  3. Also meant to mention that investing in a generator might be a smart thing.

  4. Kendra, our case mangaer dropped the ball big time on getting us on their emergency list. Now it's up to us. It's not difficult but it just takes time getting papers to his pediatrician. And we actually haven't seen his pediatrician for several weeks now. Also, we have a generator but it's old and wasn't working. Ben got it to turn on but that's about it. It's on our list of things to get but we can't afford it right now. Hopefully soon.