Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bound and determined.

A few things Rambo is bound and determined to do:

1)  Be his brothers best friend.

2) Sit up on his own.

3)  Have the chubbiest cheeks ever.

4) Be as cute as humanly possible.

5) Get his sisters nose.

6) Figure out what in the world Ruth is doing to his hand.

A few things I am bound and determined to do:

1) Make good, edible homemade bread.

2) Enjoy it. 

As you can see we are both well on our way to accomplishing the aforementioned. I'm also determined to treat weekends as weekends as long as my house isn't disastrous - it can look like a tropical storm ran through it but hurricane is where I draw the line and give into chores once again. Theodore also still appears be determined to get back into the hospital. We thought he was happy at home as there were no hospital attempts in the past few months. This past week proved us wrong. But we're onto him. We've figured out his tricks. No hospital for you, little man.  

1 comment:

  1. Thats right, no hospital! He is so adorable!!! Love him!