Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TCM - and no, I don't mean Turner Classic Movies

Thurman Carlos Meadows.
Lived 88 full years.
Died September 27, 2011.

I had the honor of meeting this man, my husbands grandfather, only once. Even still, I had heard so many stories that literally came to life when they were shared by his children and grandchildren that I felt as though he was a close friend. The first time I met him I felt I had an unfair advantage of knowing all about him while he knew probably very little of me (except that I was beautiful, and wonderful and all that) And yet, even though I likely had the advantage, I was still so nervous to make a good impression on this man who was so highly respected and loved by my husband and his entire family. And the meeting didn't disappoint - at least for my part. I'm not sure what he thought about me :) - He was the life of the party. I mean, how many people in their 80's do you see out shooting a potato gun? 

He is the only person I know who, after years of being highly allergic to poison ivy, would rub his entire face in a patch of it to prove it no longer affected him. I believe he scared the poison right out of the ivy when it saw him coming. Either that or he commanded his skin not to itch.

He worked out and ran marathons late into his life.

He was THE reason Old Spice was made.

He fought in WWII.

He was a husband.

He was a daddy.

He was granddad.

Both sides of his pillow are cool.
He spoke fluent French in Russian.
He once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt.
He is the most interesting man in the world.

He loved Jesus and lived for Him.

He was confident.

He was loving.

He was the epitome of cool.

And now, he is home :)

We love you, granddad!
Forever xoxoxoxoxoxox


  1. very sweet :) sorry for this loss for your family but rejoicing that he is now home :)

  2. Beautiful, Amanda. You truly did know him. - A. Nanci