Monday, October 10, 2011

6! SIX! 6! six! 6! SiX!


haPPy BiRtHdaY!!!

You are one of the loves of my life and one of my biggest joys!

You are beautiful.

You are funny.

You are burp crush.

You are getting too big!

You are smart.

You are loveable!

You are an amazing big sister.

And a great little sister.

You are hot and cold.

You are a gymnast.

You are a princess.

You are letting God work in your heart.

You make me proud every day.

You're an excellent reader.

You're an amazing daughter.

You are all girl. You are strong-willed. You are strong. You are perfect. 
You are six!
I love you, Ruth Meadows Taylor.

***You also stink like a pig :) ***


  1. Karen Anderes for RuthieOctober 10, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    I love you Momma. You are most loving that I ever loved and I hope Theodore feels better and you come home very soon and I love you most of all. Nothing will stop me from loving you. I love you very much and I hope Theodore will feel better and I know the hospital is working hard. I hope we can come home soon and that we stay home and we all have a very good day and have a good party. I love you mommy and Theodore and Daddy. Love, Ruth

  2. ok, so I love this post but then I read Ruthie's message to you and now I'm all weepy... haha :) She is all of those things you said and more! I love that girl! Happy Birthday, Ruthie!!! xo