Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dare I say it?

No. I don't dare. 

But I'll give it to you like this: He's ooking -lay etter-bay oday-tay an-thay esterday-yay.
Maybe he won't catch on. 

It appears the IV antibiotics and steroids are what he needed. And he is looking ell-way.

Don't do it! Don't feel sorry for him. That's what he wants you to do with that sweet sad pitiful look on his face. Resist!

Okay, even I can't fight this one. He's so coot! Poor wittle baby in da big ol' mean hospidal.

Enough of that.

He gets an xray tomorrow - hopefully we'll see ogress-pray. His oxygen when he is sleeping was weaned to 40% and he has done ell-way so far. He seems appier-hay. Best case scenario according to doctors is ome-hay in a ew-fay ays-day. Here's hoping, kid.

Don't discriminate. Vote pig latin.

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