Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't read this

Seriously, I can guarantee it will be a waste of your time. It's purely an unorganized mass of random thoughts I've had today. There must be SOMETHING you can do that's better than this. ANYTHING. If not, then you must be in the same place I am: bored out of your ever loving mind.

Rambo is finally sleeping in his crib. He had a slightly miserable morning and looked so pitiful. He is working on getting all that stuff out of his lungs and it is wearing him out. But now that he is fast asleep I find that I have nothing to do. This is a good thing. Also, his xray looked better this morning and the tentative idea (I no longer use the word 'plan'. It's pointless.) is to go home tomorrow. Hold your excitement. Lets see if it actually happens first.

Let's begin:

I love hot peppers on my sub from subway but they must penetrate my pores because I feel like I walk around smelling like one big pepper. This still doesn't stop me from getting them.

How do you spell the name Jabree? Jubree? Gebrea? Jibree?

I hope the kids can keep their rooms clean.

Although it's semi-pointless it would still be nice to know how to whistle.

Somebody better get me an hour long massage.

I wonder if I should delete the 'label' section in my blog sidebar. Who really uses it? And I don't like the way it's set up anyway.

"Quit the drama, stay with mama. MOOOTTHHHHERRRR knows best!"

The thought of my quickly coming birthday hasnt' upset me yet. Is this because I haven't thought about it much or because I am truly accepting the fact that I'm going to be 18?........

Bangs or no bangs? This is the question.

I wish Theodores humidity tube would stop gurgling and popping.

Whoever thought of Brush Ups (the on-the-go toothbrush) was really thinking. 

I have SO many Christmas presents to buy.

I hope my mom is doing well today.

That stinks. I came in at the middle of the movie 'Soul Surfer.'

I really should have brought a different pair of flip flops with me. 

Whatever happened to that fudge mom mom made me?

I've gotten a shower the past two days in a row- that never happens.

I wonder if I actually do have any ninja skills I could use if someone tried to attack me here in Baltimore.

All pillows in any hotel suck.

I'm considering not using contractions like they do in True Grit. Yeah, you're right, too much work. 

If you've made it this far I'm not sure whether I appreciate it or whether I feel sorry for you. Either way, luckily for you, Rambo just woke up and is demanding some attention.

Have a lovely day, and for the love, find something to do.


  1. I have a massage certificate at the Hyatt waiting for you. You need to use it before December girlfriend :)

  2. whistling= very useful like in the old days when we were out playing the parents just had to step outside whistle long and hard and we'd come a runnin'

    karate moves= awesome but i just remember that sandra bullock movie and her moves S.I.N.G :)

  3. woot for the massage!

    Soloplex, instep,......, groin. Can't remember that third one. haha.