Saturday, October 29, 2011

Episode 2

(Only a day late....)

Things I Don't Understand: Episode 2. Fall Edition

  • Shorts with tights

  • Snow in October (like when you're not in the extreme north or south)
  • Small children dressed in freakishly scarey costumes. (Sparing you a picture on that one.)

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  2. yay :) I'm glad you linked up :)

  3. Kristina - thanks for the comment! I'll be sure to check out your blog :)

  4. Found you through the linkup :) I cant believe its snowing in October too crazy

    following :)

  5. Bleh. I don't understand shorts with tights either. but as for the snow, I'm used to that living in Utah :) Not that I'm a fan, but sometimes it just happens.

  6. I use to wear shorts with tights when I was in jr high. In HS I use to wear socks with sandals. Both were very in style. Kinda odd that the first is coming back. Lets hope socks with sandals doesn't

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