Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's official.

Some people are weird. Or maybe not weird, but.... unique. I mean that in the most loving way. And I'm sure that there are some who would put me in that category. I accept this. But it just makes me laugh sometimes at things people say. 

I'll give you my most recent experience. For two days Rambo was getting respiratory treatments every two hours. There was an RT who absolutely fell in love with him. She had the best time holding him and playing with him. She doesn't have kids - she has cats. Lots and lots of cats. She actually rescues them, nurses them to health, and then finds homes for them... some of them. Noble cause. Good for her. And it may not have been WHAT she said as much as HOW she said it - with such dedication and reckless abandon. She has a certain cat who is an apnic monitor. Really. He can sense when someone has stopped breathing for a minute and will hit them so they start again. Now, cats ARE interesting creatures. I'll give them that. Capable of all sorts of things - like getting into plastic bags and not being able to find their way out. But all I have been able to imagine is this cat flying across an entire room to paw at somebody who held their breath for a minute because he sensed it. True? You decide for yourself. For my part, I think the cat stole the persons breath in the first place.

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  1. Awesome subtle insertion of obscure superstition!

    I've heard of seizure dogs, but apnea monitor cats? Sweet. Heck, most cats could probably do it if they CARED. But why would they bother?