Monday, October 17, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Firstly I would like to give shout outs to my girl Sarah for the lovely new header for this blog. Amazing! She has both the intelligence and skill, which I know nothing of, to create it. And somehow, even being the mom of 3 under 3 she found the time to do it. Thank you, Sarah!! You can check her and her life out here if you wish. :)

Secondly, my mom is having back surgery tomorrow morning so I would appreciate a little prayer for her :)

Little man celebrated his 10 month birthday 2 days ago. And by 'celebrate' I mean did pretty much what he does every day: tries to take over the world. He is still capturing my heart with every smile - little stinker. (On a side note, Ben WISHES he held that power. Too bad! Ben, please refrain from commenting: I already know where you would go with this.) Rambo is getting very strong on his belly and if that tube weren't in his way he would be rolling over all the time. He is still really junky and most days I feel like every time I turn around he needs suctioning. This too shall pass. ..... Right???!?? His sleep study is coming up this weekend. Woot! "What is that?" you say. The answer to all our questions... or that's what they say. But we know how that goes. This is supposed to tell us why he needs the oxygen at night - does he stop breathing, is he breathing too shallowly, etcetera etcetera. How is this going to help us get him off the oxygen during the day? That is a good question. I have no idea. But, apparently, this is the first step. Apprehensively I say that I suppose I'll take their word on it. 

All of the kids now have their halloween costumes. They are going to be the cutest village people you've ever seen! Just kidding.... they're going as the cast from Twilight.

Because I know you care about my eating habits - the sweet tea and delivery pizza were amazing. Thank you McD's and Pizza Empire.

I could go on, but let's face it, it's going to get boring. Thanks for staying tuned to another episode of "Amanda has no idea what she's going on and on about." They'll be more episodes - I'm certain of it.


  1. Good job! I'm really liking the new layout/header/color scheme. Not that I'm biased, or anything.

    Good luck with the sleep study! Your family continues to be in our prayers.

  2. 1. You are quite welcome, my dear :-)

    2. Will definitely be praying for your mama!

    3. Theodore is THE cutest chunky little 10 month old miracle I've ever met. I'm sure his world dominance schemes will continue to amaze us all :-) what will he be doing tonight? The same thing he does every night............ requiring far too much suctioning ?? No wait, that doesn't sound right...