Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

I finally figured out why Rambo made us come back here.

Yup. Apparently he hadn't quite figured out Cat's Cradle and just HAD to get it right. Well done, son. Well done. Next time just let me in on it first and I'll hand you some yarn or something. Spare us the trip to two ER's, half a days time, and a weekend in Baltimore. 

Oy vey, Theodore.

It appears the common cold is Theodore's kryptonite.The theory is that his lungs, although better, never fully recovered and the right one 'clogged' again. Thus, the heavy breathing and increased oxygen requirement ensued. He can deal with all sorts of viruses that are 'worse' but hand him an ordinary cold and his body shuts down. Does this mean he is extra-ordinary? I think difficult is more appropriate. 

What does this mean for us? Lots and lots of hand washing and time at home. So basically, nothing is different.


  1. I just love the way you write. Never a dull moment at your house. Theodores cute little smile makes me smile everytime I look at him. Your doing a great job, thanks for allowing me to read the up-dates. I have you all in my prayers daily. xooxxoxoxoxo Linda (mac's sis)