Friday, October 21, 2011

Second in two.

It's official. Shine your shoes and load your pistols: we are back at Hopkins for the second time in exactly two weeks, for the same exact reason. Joy of joys. 

We just missed the pulmonary doctors this morning so we are waiting to speak with them. He started breathing heavily yesterday morning and was acting miserably. Again, we were told to take him to the local hospital where he would then most likely be transported to Hopkins. He was actually doing much better by the time we got there, however, his xray showed something going on in his lungs. No one is really sure what caused it to get worse, or what is making this time around so difficult to get over. 

Nothing new.

When Rambo was born there was always a question in the back of my mind whether or not he would see his first birthday. I'm starting to think he's testing me to see if I'll let him live until then!! This boy is high maintenance. 

But, hey, as Ben would say "There's nothing like the smell of diesel and crime." Maybe being in Baltimore isn't that bad.....

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