Friday, October 7, 2011

So, PICU, we meet again....

Well, we're back. Third times a charm.... I guess. Little man got his wishes as we find ourselves back at Hopkins. This time it was via an ambulance ride so.... there's that...I'll start at the end by saying that he is doing fine now. Happy as a stinking little clam surrounded by all the nurses and doctors who love him so. 

I started noticing him needing to work to breathe a little on Wednesday afternoon. So, of course, I did all the normal things we do when that happens - nebs, chest PT, increasing oxygen. He leveled off, except for the oxygen increase and was doing well for the rest of the evening. Then shortly after 11pm he started having really labored breathing. Even when he was at rest his heart rate was up and his oxygen saturation was down. You could watch his whole body go up and down with each breath and he was breathing faster and faster as time went on. 

Our nurse kept a close eye on him all night and we went to bed knowing we would most likely be woken up to take him to the hospital. Thankfully we got a full nights sleep but the nurse said he wasn't doing well. He was looking extremely mottled and uncomfortable and he did not sleep most of the night. 

Pediatricians ------> local hospital -----> Hopkins ER ------> PICU.

We were greeted by a lot of "Rambo's back!!", "Hey, guys! Good to see you!", "He is huge!" Even the paramedic who came to transport him knew who he was. It's good to be remembered.  :) 

Today we were able to turn his oxygen down some and tonight we are going to try to turn it down more. He is looking great and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep in a hotel. Last night we were stuck with the van, and although it is the Swagger Wagon, I do not recommend it as a bed. It was definitely one of the worst nights sleep of my life. 

He is currently bouncing himself all over the bed, fingers in his mouth, with a huge smile on his face. I'd say things are looking up. I hope to go home tomorrow. 

Fun in the PICU VOL 3

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