Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a difference a day makes

He is currently bouncing himself all over the bed, fingers in his mouth, with a huge smile on his face. I'd say things are looking up.

I should have learned my lesson by now. I KNOW better. Never never never say how well things are going. Because it is now almost midnight and I'm lying next to him in the extend-o-chair ready for bed and he is not a happy camper. He is so tired but just not able to sleep. Therefore I am left listening to gurgles and extremely fast breathing and rustling around and just plain fussiness. No fingers in the mouth. No happy bouncing. No huge smiles. No going home.

We moved down to IMC today (Intermediate Medical Care) which is a great move. Health wise Rambo is doing well. Or, so they say. Apparently the even faster breathing and even more suctioning and even more oxygen is a good sign. He will get worse before he gets better so this is the 'worse' before the 'better'. Or so they say. The doctors said his chest xray showed either a partially collapsed lung or a pnemonia type thing (mucus buildup). So they changed up antibiotics and now he is on 2 and we are basically just riding it out. We'll see how this goes.  

**whispering: shut the baby in the background up and nobody move. I just got him to fall asleep.**

They want him to stay here for a few more days to keep an eye on him, to have his pulmonary doctor look at him. His IV, which was put in FIRST try (very impressive) by the best of the best in the PICU, only lasted until today. So he now has to get one of his antibiotics as a shot in his leg muscle. Fun times. Thankfully, it's only once a day.

We have to put off Ruthie's birthday party :( And I probably won't even be home for her actual birthday. Ben had to leave tonight so he can go back to work. And I'm left with the beepings of, not only Rambo's, but about 4 other babies machines to sleep through. On the bright side, there IS a place for me to sleep - no more hotel rooms and definitely no more Swagger.  

Now, before he wakes up, I'm going to get my butt into bed and get as much sleep as I can.

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