Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I never do this.

Indulge myself, that is. **Looking from side to side questioningly to see if anyone actually paid attention to that or if I got away with it.**

But tonight I am going to. I am going to *gasp* post a recipe. Because I want to. There will sadly be no pictures involved because my family and I scarfed it all down (with the exception of Emma who we basically had to force feed) before I even thought to get one.

My inspiration for this meal came from my dear friend Ashley who wrote a post titled Embrace the Fishsticks (funny and witty she is says I). So tonight as I was looking for another dinner to be made by 4:30pm because Ben is on night shift, I  remembered her post. "Ah ha!" I thought. Of course, then I realized that I had neither mac and cheese nor fish sticks. BUT I did have applesauce (glory be!) and some salmon fillets. And really, who can have fish sticks without applesauce?? 

I know that you have all been on the edge of your seats so without further ado: My Salmon Sticks Recipe. 
Salmon. Duh.
Corn meal.
Shredded mozzarella cheese (small amount).
Garlic powder.
Season All. (It's a seasoning in case you didn't get that by the name.)
Zesty Ranch Dressing.

Cut your salmon into sticks or cubes or whatever you prefer - I prefer sticks because I think Salmon Cubes sounds a little sketchy. 
Coat them in the Zesty Ranch Dressing. 
Mix the rest of the ingredients together - I don't have any specific amounts, just to taste - and then coat the sticks in the cornmeal mix. 
Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

You. Are. Welcome.   

Post #97. Almost to 100. And I almost know what the prize will be. Once I post #100 you will have 2 days (that's 48 whole hours!) to comment. The winner will be randomly picked at that time. So be ready! And don't forget the rules. It will all be reposted on that very magical 100th post.


  1. Yum! Thank you Amanda, that sounds really good. I love salmon and I bet this melts in your mouth. Sarah (my daughter)just mentioned to me the other day that she still to this day hasn't had flounder made the way I make it and it really does melt in your mouth. Your recipe sounds a lot like my flounder recipe except I never heard of coating with Ranch Dressing. We eat Ranch dressing all the time. I'm going to try it. Sorry this post is sooooo long. :) Linda(mac's sis)

  2. So, thank you. Went to this recipe tonight except we had tuna... :)

  3. Oh I bet that was good! Did you substitute anything else out? Just interested in any other options of this recipe.

  4. Aunt Linda - please try to refrain from posting such a long comment next time... :) Just kidding!! Comment away! I love reading them!
    And yes, the salmon was melt in your mouth but the cornmeal mix gave it a really nice crunch.