Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering/100th post

Looking back is hard. To remember is almost too much.

Too much pain.
Too many times death came too close.

Too much recognition in his eyes.

Too much time away from family.

Too much lonliness.
Too many memories

Too much pain.

Too small.

Too many things that didn't have to be.

Too many scars.

It hurts to even look at pictures. You won't see all of them. Ever.

 It's too hard.


There were also special moments.

Never too many smiles.
Never too much love.

And a very special Christmas.

I know.

I know he is fearfully and wonderfully made.

I know he is loved.
I know he is created to do great things.

I know I am not the same.

What His(God's) methods will be with you I cannot fortell. But you may be sure that He never works in an arbitrary way. He has a reason for everything He does. You may not understand why He leads you now in this way and now in that, but you may, nay, you must believe that perfection is stamped on His every act. *

I KNOW he is perfect.

I still believe.
I still love 
BECAUSE Jesus first loved me.

Thank you all for sharing in these last 100 posts, in the last 11 months of our lives. 
I look forward to many more.

*from Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth E. Prentiss

Now onto the not so hard, sad, happy, hard to process stuff. It's my 100th post!! Holler! So get your fingers on your keyboard and start typing! Here are the rules again.

1) At least 25 people have to comment. Come on! You can do it!
2) You have to use one of the following phrases in a sentence: short stack, genetically questionable, or tubage tubage everywhere.
3) Leave your name, email, and website (if you have one)

You can comment more than once for multiple entries but each one has to have one of the phrases in it. And remember you have 2 days to comment. Sunday at 2pm is when this ends. Then the winner will be chosen using The prize will be a few goodies from our local Amish market. Who wouldn't like a few homeade jams or fudge or trailmix?? So show Rambo some support and good grief, just comment so that SOMEONE can win! Thanks everyone! I look forward to your comments!!


  1. He is just too precious.. Thank you so much for sharing this. He is such a fighter and does it with a smile... God bless him... and you.

  2. Rambo, From the first time I met you I truly fell in love with you, and when I saw all the tubage tubage everywhere I was shocked that a cute, handsome, loving Rambo like you would have to go through all that! When you smile my heart smiles back, you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made! I hope that when you get bigger (Please stay little!) that you will read this and know how much I really love you! <3

  3. Theodore - your smile is just too genetically questionable but too cute and adorable that it can only come from you. When you're done with all that tubage tubage everywhere that I almost trip on and tangle when I come over all the time to pick you up and tickle your little arms - I promise to make you all our favorites (grande coconut mocha frappacino, a short stack of spicy tuna sushi, rusticanna pizza by the one and only Tony, a JoJo's cookie monster cupcake, oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies, and Jonathan's fave a York Peppermint candy) So as soon as you're all good to go - you can enjoy in your Mommy's and I's feasts - but no matter what, your beeping (crying) will never get too old - it's almost like Emma's little voice in your own Rambo style...

  4. Rambo, my favorite little Short stack. Even with all the tubage tubage everywhere, I knew and know God is and is going to use you in lives of so many! I am not sure I would call you genetically questionable, since some of who you are is genetically tied to your father,BT. Despite that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

    Love you my little chubster :)
    Auntie Laura

  5. So this is my first post and typically sharing my thoughts with a group of people (some random strangers) isn't my thing but when it comes to Theodore- how can I say No.
    I have and will always LOVE theodore for many reasons: 1. He had red hair - we red heads have to stick together!
    2. I'm pretty sure he is the first baby I've tickled & who has laughed!
    3. Those cheeks - seriously.
    4. He is family & if you've been around the Taylor's long enough you know how we feel about family :)
    Nothing is closer - the rest are all strangers

    Love U
    Aunt LAUREN

  6. Theodore Rambo Taylor has a message to give his Mom & Dad, Thank you for believing in me and realizing that God my creator has a plan for my life. Even before I was formed in your belly, God knew the plans He has for me. I may come with tubage, tubage everywhere but you know my love and smile is worth all the tubage on earth put together. You may think I'm genetically questionable but you have no idea. Before I was born God inspired 3 guys from Budgewoi, New South Wales, Australia to form a band named:
    SHORT STACK and they wrote a song named:
    SWEET DECEMBER and you got it right~ they allowed me to write some of the words, infact I'm the one singing the song to you Mom & Dad way back last December. Here are some of the lyrics.

    I don't think I remember,
    A taste as sweet as this December,
    And I kno-o-o-ow,
    I'm comin' home,
    I'm comin' home,

    So wrap,
    Your arms around me,
    I'm comin' home,
    I'm comin' home,

    To be,
    Your sweet,
    (Oh oh oh)
    (Oh oh oh)
    So can't you see,
    Everything you are belongs To me.
    ( Love, Theodore)
    Rambo has a home so sweet to come home to. Amanda, you have blessed me with your strength,words,loyalty to your God and family. I look forward to many more updates about your special little guy. Linda Azadi ( Mac's sister)

  7. So here's what Uncle Jack and I have to say to our short stack with the chunky cheeks and AMAZING smile - you are NOT, we say NOT!!! genetically questionable. You are perfect - it's the (bleep) specialists who are questionable. You ROCK ON little man!

  8. OK, so yea. Theodore Rambo Taylor.

    I'm not really sure how to do justice to you. After all, so many people have been on here over these past months and are even now commenting about how much they love you. And with good reason. Though you're sometimes a trouble making short stack, you're pretty darn perfect.

    I must say, compared to visiting you in the hospital when there was tubage, tubage EVERYWHERE, I much prefer walking across the street to see you. And of course, getting to enjoy a cup of coffee with your amazing mommy is the proverbial cherry on top.

    To cut to the chase, some may say you are genetically "questionable." This may or may not be true, but here is the gist of what I'M saying: YOU are precious, Theodore Taylor. You are unique. You are amazing. Almost a year later, we can see God's mighty hand at work in your life. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Can I get a "woot!"

    Here is to (not quite, yet) a year! And many many more!!! I can't wait to see you grow, you little stinker. I love you!!

  9. "I've not been successful posting a comment on your blog, so I'll put it here:
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, that we may know and love little Rambo, too; pray for him and for you as you walk this path. His pictures make me cry and rejoice and just want to hug you both...there is tubage tubage everywhere in those early ones for sure! Congrats on your 100th post!" -Veronique

    Posted on facebook - Thanks Veronique!!

  10. "Okay, I love this competition because the few entries you have received so far already have me laughing! ♥" Missy

    Posted on facebook - Thank you too, Missy!

  11. Tubage tubage :)
    Bless his sweet little heart! He is so beyond cute!

  12. A lot of people come with baggage, but short stack came with tubage. The Lord is using this sweet, happy boy in more ways than we can know. Theo has witnessed to many others without saying a word. Mom

  13. I've spent most of my adult life in the profession of listening to other people's struggles; have had a few of my own. I don't usually expect to see joy in the pain, transparency in the sufferer, and resilience in face of overwhelming, and sometimes even then increasing, pressures. Yours and Ben's and Rambo's adventure has given me much hope, a perspective that there is joy possible in the midst of even the most difficult times. Thanks for sharing so well; you write beautifully, so much so that I think God may have a bit of His hand in directing your words. You are a magnificent mother, and even more than that a treasured reporter of God's grace to us all.
    I've been so caught up in your story that I wrote Sylvester Stallone and told him to take a look at your blog...but whether he does or he doesn't, we already know which Rambo is our real life hero.
    Thanks, Amanda.

  14. I just realized that my previous post didn't use the code words; it only proves that Theodore isn't the only genetically questionable individual involved in this conversation. I've been dealing with a short stack for years. But, the previous post still applies and is affirmed here.

  15. Where to start and what to say,
    this could take all night, nay all day!
    His renown is known (it's on a plaque)
    some say he's "sweet", some say "short stack".
    Me, I prefer, to say he's mentionable
    Although some assert he's genetically questionable.
    What I love the most, (could it be the hair?)
    is the reality of tubage, tubage everywhere!!
    So adieu I now bid, to the 10's of you reading.
    If I don't win this, then someone is cheating.

  16. Now I think it's time to say how absolutely AWESOME mama taylor is!!

    Amanda is awesome, I think she can do almost anything!! Anytime I'm running low on suction tubes for Rambo, shes always there to give me a short stack of them!! Even though Rambo is not what I would call genetically questionable, he is alot of work to take care of! but shes there almost ALL day long taking care of him with joy (or not so much joy, but still ;))!! And how in the world is she not in the hospital from tripping on all that tubage tubage everywhere?? An don top of all that she is home schooling 3 kids!! Amanda you truly are AMAZING! :)

    Love you bunches,
    Hannah :)

  17. Rambo: I've never met you, kiddo, but your mom and dad and brother and sisters are pretty amazing people. But kid, I got to tell you, I've seen pictures of your chipmunk cheeks, and I've seen your parents: I'm not saying your origins are genetically questionable, but chubby cheeks sure don't run in the family!

    Its okay, though, you are still just as stinkin' cute as all three of your older siblings.

  18. Rambo, it's unfortunate that your DAD is genetically questionable. :)
    (It had to be said)

  19. Tubage, tubage everywhere
    We're gonna see rolls.
    Won't you come squeeze his little chubby cheeks.
    Tubage, tubage everywhere
    We're gonna see rolls.
    Watch him grin at all the tweaks.

  20. Amanda, you, Ben and your children are a blessing to my family. You all show so much grace and patience. I have no doubt that some days are lonely and hard... but you continue to be faithful and lean on the Lord for your strength. Thank you for being a good friend and an even better wife and momma. I love you and your chubby short stack.


  21. Sarah I thought the same thing about his dad!! I just didnt want to hurt Bens feelings, but he needed to know the truth sometime! poor guy, I don't think Ben knows how genetically questionable he really is! Rambo, DON't follow after your dads footsteps, follow after your moms ;)
    , Hannah

  22. Mr. Tubage tubage everywhere is doing awesome b/c he can ROLL over. Mr. Short stack is so cute with cubby little cheeks :) I love Mr. Short stack. Love Eden

  23. I LOVE (short stack) umm THEODORE !!!!

    Love Claire aka care care taylor

  24. Dear Mr. Short Stacks,

    I love your cubby cheeks and you have the BEST big brother ever! Shout out to Israel !!! Woo-Hoo

    I love you cubby cheeks Rambo Taylor

  25. Amanda, I knew from your cute little belly a year ago, Rambo was going to be very special.

    Then Short Stack was born and I felt so priveledged to be among the first to welcome little Short Stack into this crazy genetically questionable world even before there was tubage, tubage everywhere.

    Today he is growing and and I love him all the more. He is an amazing kid and so is his Mama!

  26. There is no way that ADORABLE little short stack is genetically questionable (forget the doctors!), even if less than a year ago he had tubage tubage everywhere! Look how far he has come! Love him and all of you! <3

  27. 3 more posts til we hit 25 ppls!!! I know some of you probably are scared because you don't know how to put short stacks Cuteness into words... Well you cant!! But just try your best!:)

  28. I don't know your little short stack in person but I have seen pictures of Rambo laying in the crib/playpen with Little Clara. What an amazing little boy. From what I have read of your blog you are an amazing mom with an amazing husband and adorable kids that show so much love for Rambo in the pictures I have viewed. God Bless you all. ~Maryellen

  29. Ive known Amanda since High School... we lost touch there for awhile but found each other again. From the first time I saw short stacks pictures of tubage tubage everwhere I was so amazed and blessed to see alittle boy so small so helpless still a baby hanging on and fighting the ultimate fight for life and not giving up not one minute. Even though you dont know why at the moment, and this goes for the whole family Amanda, Ben, and siblings... God does have a plan for Rambo and one day you will no what that plan is and why he is in this world today.... sometimes we look back and question our judgements or ask God why me??? The answer is because God only sends you trials and tribulations that he knows you can handle and he knew Amanda was the perfect mother to handle a perfect little boy like Rambo and she has done a perfect job. I praise her for everything that she has done and continues to do and praise her for never giving up even when she thinks it may be her last good punch at whatever it is that has set this challenge but she finds her strength again and gets right back and fights even heard... so I guess what I am trying to sya is Rambo takes after his wonderful mother and just keeps getting right back in there to fight the fight and one day you guys will succeed and win!! Love you and miss you, And I hopefully you have wonderful holiday moments fast to approach!! Love Jaime