Saturday, December 17, 2011

Are you ready for some football?????!!!

Um... no, definitely not. Not this year. The Colts are 0 - shameful, and the Ravens are doing well. Barf. So instead, let's get ready for some pictures!!

We celebrated Rambo's first birthday last night with family. We tried to keep it small but when you have two decent sized families, 'small' usually means 20 or so people. But that also means more delicious food! 

The night began with.....

It began with the making of this cake anyway. The eating came later. Spice cake with sprinkles. It has nothing to do with baby or boy or Rambo or camo, but at least it was made. I am not a baker and have never claimed to be. It was me, a cake mix, a Chinese lady who has never baked a cake, and sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles to cover up the horrible icing job. All I can say is- it was edible.

Of course, the night really began with the man of the hour:

Then lots and lots of food which we didn't get a picture of. But let me tell you, it was good. Chicken wings, chili, meatball subs, salad, cheesy rotelle dip, and more. Your mouth is watering, isn't it? 

Then presents, visiting, dessert....

Towards the end, the adults found themselves enjoying a kids look and find book (which was seriously way hard) and playing video games.

And then.... this is what I did.....

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Hippo was happy too.

And if you'll be ever so kind (trust me, you'll be glad you did) you can check out a wonderful video of the birthday boy here. Much thanks to Laura at In His Grace Photography for taking those pictures one year ago and putting this montage together.

Thanks for sharing in Rambo: First Year with us!!


  1. Wish I could have been there! It looks like things went very well & even Ben said the food was good! Happy Birthday, Theodore! Lots of love from your Aunt Jenn!

  2. Again, Happy Birthday, Theo!!! Your Grandfather had photos to share at your great grandmother's Christmas Party. Wish you had been there. I understand that Grandpa Dan almost had Mom convinced to bring you and the tribe. Oh well, maybe next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Theo, and to all of your family. Love, Aunt Peggy