Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Can you smell the cookies baking?
(Or in our case right now, the bacon... No relation to Christmas. Just what we were in the mood for.)

  Do you hear Bing Crosby singing Mele Kalikimaka, the Hawaiian Christmas song? It's the thing to say, you know.


Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care??

Did you remember to water the tree? Nobody wants a thousand dry dead needles to pick up in a few weeks. We all know the vacuum cleaner does not work. (You're welcome.)

Have you stopped and breathed it in and remembered?

Holler!!! We have!! And Christmas will be here soon! 

It took me a little while to 'get into the mood' this year. Maybe it was the warmer weather. Maybe it was the fact that we are home this year. Maybe it's because I started buying presents in September. Maybe I'm just a cottonheadedninnymuggins. In any case, I am now officially in the mood. Bring on the crowds (I say this because I can't actually make it to the stores...), and the eggnog, and the parties (which of course, are now pretty much over because Christmas is in 4 days). So maybe I'm a little late this year, but at least I finally made it before Christmas day. 

We debated letting the kids open a present early last night. Ben asked Ruth if and why she was excited for Christmas. Her answer? Yes because its the day Jesus was born. 

Right answer.

Open away, kids!
Thank you, God, for Christmas Day! Thank you, God, for Jesus! Thank you that we are home together! 

Rambo is excited this year too. He just doesn't know it yet. Hopefully next year will be one of more realization for him. 

Until then, keep one hand in your pocket and the other one making a peace sign. Or else you might find yourself in need of a knife but only able to find spoons.


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  1. I love the way you write! My first notecard is in the mailbox right now to my mother. Thank you again for the cards, they are awesome. Merry Christmas again to you and Ben and your little precious ones. Aunt Linda