Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mary did you know?

Aunt Mary, your sister Dolly wanted you to know that despite her best efforts she was unable to kill the Christmas cactus. Well, left to her own devices she probably would have, indeed, succeeded in killing both of them. But she graciously let me take them home in an effort to raise them from the almost dead. And it appears they are happy. And blooming! Okay, only one of them is blooming but I'm hoping the other one will bud in it's own good time. It is definitely looking up.

And, looky here, who's trying to keep up:

I guess he didn't want a plant to show him up. I'm gonna be honest - it was close. I was PRE-TTY pleased when I saw this cactus budding. But it did make me at least just as happy to see him putting weight on his arms. It was only last week when he needed maximum support on both arms. Go, Rambo, go!

T-minus 2 days until Rambo: First Year. I can't believe he actually made it. Let me rephrase: I can't believe I actually made it. On the other hand, I'm going to hold off on saying that until the 15th is here. Who knows what can happen in two days. Thus far everything is hunky dunky.



  1. He gets more adorable every picture you post! love the hair. Such wonderful highlites.
    xoxoxoxo Aunt Linda