Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions Schmesolutions

Here's how we started out the new year...

Recognize the background? That's us back at Hopkins. We woke up first thing in the morning to find that somewhere in the wee hours of the morning his Gtube had fallen out (the balloon inside had burst) and the hole was practically closed. We tried several times to get it back in but to no avail. Thankfully we had a great outcome and this was me after they got it back in...

A little fragged from very little sleep but happy we were going home! Because the hole had closed so much they had to use catheters starting at a smaller size and gradually increase the diameter until we reached the gtube size. It took a little bit of effort but all in all it added up to the shortest ER trip ever. They were very expedient this time and they even sent us home with some smaller catheters so we can do it ourselves if the need ever arises again. A++ this time, Hopkins. 

*Now to our originally scheduled post, which is kind of apprapo.*  

Here's the thing about resolutions: who needs them? Who wants to be reminded of how they've failed the past year and how they will, most likely, fail again in the coming year? All resolutions do is make you feel bad about yourself. They say, 'Hey, you did a,b, and c wrong, you stupid silly person. Try me again and see if you can't do any better this year.' And then they mockingly laugh in your face. Resolutions should have died back when schools stopped using E as a grade. 

Here's the other thing about resolutions: I have a few.

Believe. Enter. Do. Possess. Walk. Own. Trust. These are the verbs that God has been pressing into me the past two months. I can't go a day without at least one of those words being a prominent part of my day. So this year today I resolve to live those. How? I'm not sure but I think this is how I will start:

Each night without a nurse is another opportunity to catch up on lost time with Rambo.

Every weakness is a chance to let God be strong.

Each miscommunication is a chance to be more deliberate about what I say.

Any bad news is an increase in faith.

A messy house is a thankful heart for my children and things that make it messy.

Every disappointment is a new place for God to fill.

Dirty dishes in the sink and a laundry room filled with dirty laundry... well, I'm still working on those...

Oh, and I want to do 100 jumping jacks a day. Ben won't let me go running without a) a gun or b) a dog. One of which we have a plethora of and the other we don't have any. I see his point and yet, I still will not strap a 12 gauge to my side while I try to exercise. And since a membership to the gym is certainly not going to happen this is the option I'm left with. Considering I haven't run since college, I think jumping jacks is a good starting point. A drop in the bucket, mind you, but a start none the less.

So there you have it, world. Let's see how well I do. By the way, this is in no way saying there won't be posts where I'm venting or yelling or crying or mad or sad.... don't worry. But maybe this year there will be less.

2011, you can shove it. You pretty much sucked. 2012, I welcome you with open arms. You've kind of had a shaky start. Maybe you just forgot the new year had started. Please don't disappoint!!  

You shall walk in all the way which the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you, and that you may prolong your days in the land which you will possess. Deuteronomy 5:33

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