Friday, December 9, 2011

Say my name, say my name.

The occupational therapist asked me the other day if Rambo turns his head when I call his name. I paused. In that moment a list as long as... well, a really long list... of all the things he is called flashed through my mind. 'Which one?' was all I could mutter out. This poor child will never know his name because he never gets called the same thing two times in a row. He doesn't have a chance! And it's all my fault. Below is a list of all the names he gets called each day.

Bubs (I know... this one is awful but it just comes out.)
Teeodore (pronounced like his nurse from the islands)
Teddy Rambo

And that's just off the top of my head. As if this kid doesn't have enough problems. Of course, he probably only hears half of them. Hahaha - I made a funny. Cause he isn't hearing out of his left ear. Get it? He only hears half.... No? 

Aaaaaaaanyway.... his first birthday is arriving quickly. Which just feels weird. Good. But weird. I wanted to have a big shebang but we're going to keep it to a small family thing. Avoiding the hospital until after the new years is my goal. 

Our Christmas tree is up. Presents are wrapped. Stockings are hung. Cousin Eddie is in the driveway. And the kids are eagerly anticipating Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. 

*By the way, favorite scene in Christmas Vacation is when Eddie knocks over the wooden display on the table in the living room while he and Clark are talking over eggnog in the reindeer cups. Hi-larious.*

**Also, I want those cups.**

Signing off for now. Happy December 9th, everyone.  

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  1. Well Monkey went to school thinking his name was Ray Monkey Boy Gibson. As long as they answer to something. LOL And weren't they moose mugs? Love you cuz.