Sunday, January 22, 2012

Have you ever thought....

Have you ever thought about how many disorders there are? How many defects? How 1 in however many are born with something? If you put those numbers together it truly becomes a miracle that any children are born healthy. 

I have 3 healthy children. 


That is amazing. 

Count yourselves blessed if you have healthy children. Children who can run and play and cry and breathe and see. Think about the odds. 


Today I feel truly blessed to have that. What is seen as the norm in reality is not normal at all.

Today I am blessed to also have a son who is not 'normal' or 'perfect'. Who has given us difficulties and heartache we never thought we would face. He is here today when he shouldn't be. He is absolutely a miracle, but no more a miracle than my others.

4 miracles. And they are mine.

Miracles that make us stronger each day. That drive us crazy. That take all of ourselves. That are worth it. That make us who we are. 

Thanks a lot, Sarah, for spurring on this thought :)


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