Thursday, January 19, 2012

It just can't be easy.

I should have known. Maybe my standards are high. Too high, apparently. And I recognize (and hope) that our time at Mt. Washington has been a rare one. But again, I come away not in the slightest impressed with that place. As I walked out of the doors this morning at 5:30 and breathed in the air I was so happy to be free. I didn't care that it was freezing. With my back turned to the building I could only hope it was the last time I would be making that walk to my car.

I'm not trying to be harsh and would love to hear some good experiences concerning the Mount. But ours, and a few Hopkins friends, have had no such luck.

I also should have known that we wouldn't have any news this morning. I didn't realize that it would be a tech doing the study and not a nurse. Nothing wrong with that, just my oversight. But they aren't allowed to tell you anything about anything I guess because they aren't 'qualified'. So we come away today knowing only what we already knew which was that if you turn the oxygen off he starts to desat and work really hard. Not surprising. The doctor should have the results when we see her next week. I think it will be interesting to see the correlation of how fast/slow he breaths and the state of sleep he is in compared to when he is desating or not.

Isn't he adorable?

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. The sleep study started at 8:30pm. We arrive at 8. The security guard tells us that we can't go down to the sleep study waiting room yet so we need to wait upstairs. I don't care as long as I'm not out in the cold. But apparently the reason for this is because just recently a mother, after getting to her appointment early, complained about what was on the tv in the sleep study waiting area. I guess the best solution is to then keep everyone out? Changing the channel must be out of the question; or, I don't know, let that mom wait somewhere else. Anyway, we wait until 8:30 when they direct us downstairs to - get this- keep waiting in the s.s. waiting room. Where the aforementioned tv is on. They didn't spare us anything. The office is running behind - fine. It happens. Annoying, but not unusual. About 9pm they call us back. And we must have gotten the slowest tech in the place because at 11pm they are still getting him set up. Seriously, this should have taken 30-40 minutes max. I was the only parent there who brought the completed paper work and by 11 all the other children are fast asleep and they are still messing with mine. Ugh. At least a half an hour of that time was spent trying to put on a piece of equipment that we later find out they have a back up for that they put on him anyway. Are you serious?? We expected all the wires and Rambo did AMAZING considering. He didn't try to pull at them too much at all but it took him forever to actually fall asleep. At one point he was asleep and they had to mess with him again which woke him up and he hit his second wind. 

He wants to kill.

FINALLY around midnight after rolling and crying and fussing and rolling he fell asleep. DON'T TOUCH HIM.

He basically slept through the night at that point. Thank the Lord because I was crawling out of my skin and ready to unplug him and get the heck home.

I don't know why we have issues there.  I can honestly say that I went into the evening with a fresh view and an open mind. I wasn't holding anything against them. Maybe they aren't used to children quite as complicated as Theodore. Maybe we are just lucky enough to meet all the less-than-good employees there. Either way, our experience was once again sub par. 

Now we're home. They let us go a little early so we were able to beat rush hour traffic. After an hours nap and a few cups of coffee I think I can tackle today. They said they were able to get the results they needed so hopefully we can put off another sleep study. At least for a year or so.

And for those wondering: Yes, I did get the bed.  (which was actually a bed and not an extend-o-chair.) I got to sleep. Maybe only for 2 1/2 hours but I DID get to. I told you I would win. Ben might say it's because he's on night shift and was going to stay up anyway. To that I say, that's exactly how I won -I'm a master planner. Yes, hon, whatever makes you feel good about it. Of course you let me sleep.  

I haven't forgotten about the videos I said I would post. Just haven't gotten the chance to work on them. And, BIG NEWS PEOPLE! Israel can now feed Rambo. He knows how to do everything from fill the bottle to plugging Rambo in!! So exciting. He is so proud of himself as he should be. 

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