Thursday, January 5, 2012

The likeness to food.

It's uncanny, really. 

Sometimes, looking at Rambo I feel as though I'm looking at an overstuffed piggy. MUCH cuter, mind you, but still. 

Case and point:

Do you see those jowls?? How could you miss them? It's like two big hamhocks on either side of his face. 

I literally felt like I was casing my own sausage trying to get these pajamas on this boy. I'm surprised his hands weren't purple in the morning for lack of circulation. That sleeve was pulled taut. 

This one doesn't remind me of food - just my view about 50% of the time. A little foot sticking up over the edge of his crib. We'll have to move the mattress lower before long. But until then, this is one of my favorite things to see.

1 comment:

  1. aww he is so adorable ,Thats my little nephew Rambo.So want to meet him.I miss you guys,Please tell Ruthie,Emma,Israel and Rambo Aunt Sharon loves them and misses them. Tell Ben I said hi.Love ya's miss ya's. Love Sharon