Friday, January 27, 2012

The results are in

and the answer is..... we have a fat one. I was going to draw up a few charts to show you just what I mean, but my life has not been conducive to doing so this week.So you'll just have to do with a basic explanation. On the weight chart Rambo is finally up to about 40%. That was a pretty big jump he made in the past two months. On the height chart he is still not even on it - below the 3%. And on the weight vs. height chart he actually exceeds 100%. His doctor is putting him on a diet. I'm not going to mind watching him shed a few ounces. His feet are like pinpoints on the bottom of a trunk. His fingers and hands are just.... round. He has a checkup in 6 weeks where he hopefully won't have gained any weight, and if he has it better be with some length. 

We also got the results of the sleep study. There wasn't much news. His desating has nothing to do with apnea or collapsing airways or anything like that. Just chronic lung disease. The only way to treat that? Outgrow it. Slow and steady - the way Theodore likes it. They also took a chest xray and saw no pnemonia - yay!- but the doctor said it looked like a slight film over both of the lungs. This could possibly be extra fluid which could be caused by a number of things. We may have to up his dieuretic. He has been on the same dose since we brought him home and he may just be outgrowing it. It could be that he has a virus of some sort (he has been running an ever so slight fever, been irritable and been needing quite a bit of suctioning. He has also been teething and got shots so any of those things could be causing the fever as well.) Or, dare I even say it, it's possible that his heart is not pumping as efficiently as it was and its passing too much blood through his lungs. Now, that is a long shot. Hopefully a very very very very very very unlikely shot, but it is possible. It's also possible that the radiologist thinks it's nothing on the xray and we have no worries (only the doctor read it while we were there). So, hopefully we'll know something by the beginning of next week... you know how these things go. 

As I said before my life hasn't been conducive to doing a lot of extra stuff this past week. My poor husband has been home sick all week - that really bad cold that's going around - it keeps him up coughing at night so he hasn't gotten much sleep. And poor Rambo has been fussy and irritable. Thankfully, my other children are well as am I. I've taken few to no pictures to share and homeschooling has been more of a side project, but we will press on. 

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post later this weekend. We shall see. And by 'interesting' I mean a post with photos, maybe a funny story; but by NO means do I mean 'eventful' concerning Theodore. 


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