Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another day, another dollar.

Rambo now has some form of pneumonia. I knew our hopes of going home today were too good to be true. After having a night of perfection he had an early morning meltdown. His oxygen had to be turned way up and they are aggressively treating it with nebs and IV meds.... If they can ever get an IV in. 3 attempts and no success. So, because Rambo has gotten us stuck here for at least another day these are the forms of entertainment that I am accepting: magazines of any sort, any type of puzzle activity things, a dance routine in the middle of the room, kidnapping me would be nice, candy and any other kind of junk food, entertaining comments via Facebook or text and anything else to keep me occupied. Please refrain from phone calls- not helpful and I really don't have too much to say- and also books- I don't have the desire or energy to actually put thought into reading something. Maybe I will see you all again if we ever make it out of here. Enjoy your Saturday all you free people. I hate you.


  1. You may hate us but we all love you. lol I've enjoyed out games of scrabble via- words with friends. oxoxoxooxo Aunt Linda

  2. Hey, Amanda! Two things:

    1. I keep an eye on the goings-on of your family from Louisville, KY...and you have a prayer partner here.

    2. Have you considered doing water color paintings on greeting cards - you could even put info for Rambo's Heart on the back. I'd totally be into that. :)

    -Rebekah F. (Sarah Cain's sis)