Friday, March 2, 2012

Cue the pee.

I said, "Cue the pee!" It only took until about 4 this morning for his body to process what I was saying. But it finally did. His urine must have run off with his right testicle for awhile. The urine returned but the testicle is still missing. Efforts to locate it are in full swing. Every time we come here at least two doctors look for it and then ask us if we knew it wasn't there. This time we cut them off at the pass as Ben said, "We just call it Waldo." Maybe next time I'll get freaked out and ask them how something like that can disappear when it was just there. Just to fool them. That could be fun. Anyway, as I was originally saying, his pee finally took the hint. He is having a better day today. His oxygen is almost back to normal and his heart rate is down. He is still having diarrhea but he is at least hydrated now. He's working a little harder to breathe but that could be due to the fact that because he is 'sat-ing' well we aren't turning his oxygen up. He has been awake a little longer than he was yesterday but they said he sounds just as crackly as he did yesterday. He still needs to be able to tolerate his feeds but we are slowly checking off the things to be done so we can get home. I still have the hope of being home this weekend. Thanks to several people (you know who you are) I don't have to worry about coffee or food for the rest of my stay. So, yes, I suppose you could say that money magically appeared in my purse :) I love you all!! Rambo is gnawing on his cords so I better go get him before he causes an electrical shortage of some sort.

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