Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eyes like creamy jade.

My eyes feel like mush. As does my brain. I guess that's what reading 700 pages worth of medical records will do to you. Okay... TECHNICALLY I've only read a little over 300 because the first 400 were lab results. Unfortunately, they mean nothing to me because I have no idea how to decipher them. It only took me about 22 pages to realize that these were going to go on for a while. I've read all of his surgical procedures and notes, almost all of the consults from when he was newborn, and am now working my way through his xray findings. All 300 million of them.

I've come up with a headache and a long list of words to look up. And I'm not even half way through yet. 

I must admit to being slightly addicted to these since yesterday. I find them fascinating, though. There is a lot of stuff that we didn't know and that the doctors didn't tell us. Maybe it wasn't a big deal but I like knowing all the nitty gritty details. For instance, during his first surgery they had to pack ice around his head. I still couldn't decipher why they had to do that (considering he didn't need it for his second surgery- and I'm not a doctor) but it's interesting. They also said that the valves they created worked "fairly competently". I guess you can't ask for too much. Haha. I also found out that somewhere early on they changed his diagnosis from 'Complete AV Canal Defect' to 'Transitional AV Canal Defect.' We were never told that. In fact I had never heard the second term until the day before his almost third surgery when one of the cardiologists said it in passing. To my understanding (that being what I've googled) there is not a major difference except that the Ventricular Septal Defect is..... who am I kidding? You don't care. This is what I've come to.  

I really do know that no one else on earth cares this much about his information, but as I said earlier, it's fascinating to me at the moment. I've got another 1100 pages to get through so Ben has a lot of uninteresting info coming his way. 

In possibly but probably not more interesting news I just want to say that I feel justified. After talking about my new scarf knot and then realizing that portion of the post probably put most people to sleep, I had a lady stop me in the grocery store that same night. Why? Because she was trying to figure out how I tied my scarf! So there, all you nay-sayers! I told her that she made my day. Of course, then the cashier guy asked me if it was even cold enough outside to be wearing one....  but whatever. Boys are stupid.

My pretty pedicured feet and I are now going to go try and soothe Rambo for the millionth time today.


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  1. Mandy, you can "google" how to read lab results for most tests if you really want to wade through many more pages of medical ifs ands and buts. They can be interesting and at the same time kinda scary. I did for the CA 125 test, made notes and asked my doctor as my numbers were going up and down. Love, Aunt Peggy