Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We got a call this morning that our appeal for more nursing hours was approved!!!! 14 hours a day!!!!! Our lives are seriously about to change. I am still slightly in shock and am finding it hard to imagine what I'm going to do with all that time.

A big big thank you to all those who put in work to make that happen. To the few we told about this process, thank you for praying and and supporting us.

I can't believe this is happening!! Ahhhh!! I'm going to go pinch myself again just to be sure this isn't some cruel dream. 

Corrected: I just got a phone call 2 hours after the original one. It was most definitely a dream. It was miswritten somewhere apparently. We are only getting an extra 2 hours per day - 14 additional hours a week. 

Completely bummed. I would have erased this post but it was already read by some. Boo for us.  

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