Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's the deal with sea monkeys?

Are those not the weirdest creatures? Seriously. They can be in a dried egg for like, ever and then come alive in water. Plus they are incredibly tiny - who even found these things??? And why have they been to outerspace? 

These are all questions that plague my mind. But then I realize that I don't care at all. I just know they are in my kitchen and I have one excited kid. If memory serves me correctly (Iron Chef anyone???) I never had sea monkeys when I was a kid. I don't feel like I missed out on anything I just don't want to kill these miniscule fish things that you can't even see because of lack of experience. But if they can go to space and be fine then I think we have real problems if I kill them following the instructions. That'd be a real "Are you serious, Clark?" moment if there ever was one.

Now on to things that actually matter. 

I'm not sure if my disappointment was clear in the last post about nursing or not. But we went from 98 hours of extra nursing a week down to 14 in an instant. That's a pretty significant difference. It was like a new life was laid out before us and then snatched away. I have to admit to feeling (at least a little) bitter disappointment. I'm ashamed to say.

But then I decided to pull up my bootstraps' bootstraps and live what I believe. Do I really believe that all things work together for my good? Do I really believe that God withholds no good thing from me? And, in turn, if I believe that then that means anything other than what He has planned is actually to my detriment - whether I like it (or understand it) or not. 

"Ouch" I say again sitting on my butt on the floor.

It wasn't easy! That's for sure. And I have to again admit to fighting that disappointment in what seemed like a cruel test from God. So I stand up, say, "Yes, I do believe" and accept what He has given. 

Today we get a phone call. They are adding 7 more hours. Now we have 21 total weekly hours (not including our nightly 8 hours)  that we can use WHENEVER we want. That's three days with 7 hours of nursing. Or 7 days of nursing starting at 9pm instead of midnight. However we want to use those 21 hours we can. I love how God blesses even when we doubt. I love that His grace is sufficient.


Always working in the background (and foreground). Always supplying our needs and wants. 

Now, to those who paid any attention, I snuck in three (well, two, because one is REALLY obvious) movie lines. If you can point them out and tell me what movie they are from then you get 10 points. Happy hunting!! 


  1. Christmas vacation. And pirates of the Caribbean :)

  2. Found it !!!!!!!!!!!!!=) nice nod =)