Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you serious, Clark?

Yes. It's true. I have to unfortunately admit that the sea monkeys are 10-7. But here's the thing: they must have been defective. I'm not kidding. I followed the directions to a T. TO A T! Down to the temperature of the water. Here's where things went wrong I think - Step 3: Feeding the Sea Monkeys. I quote "Do not feed sea monkeys until Day 5 after they have hatched." Day 5. Everywhere I looked (on all the packets, the website even) it was made clear to not feed them until day 5. Day 4 we have about 15 sea monkeys swimming around. I thought that things were going pretty well. Day 5 - all dead except 1. We feed the 1 left swimming - dead the next day. 

Right now there's a sea monkey grave in my kitchen. Don't worry, I'm going to try again. We will try until we get it right. This time I will feed them when I see fit though. No more following directions. 

On a similar, but not really, note. A few of you came close to getting the movies in last weeks post. But only Ben found the third one. It is the hardest to find I admit. And considering there is absolutely no reward for finding them I don't expect you to go back and pour over it until you do - unless you're a Taylor. So I'm going to give you a little more time. But here are the answers to the first two: #1) The obvious one. "Are you serious, Clark?" - Christmas Vacation. #2) Bootstraps' bootstraps. - Pirates of the Caribbean. (and shame on you to anyone who didn't say it the way they do in the movie). A hint for number three: It is after both of those and it is not in quotes. Happy hunting for the two who go back and look.

Now onto things that actually matter. Yesterday Rambo sat himself up! Twice! It was a very wide leg spread and a lot of leaning forward, but he did it himself!! I'm so proud. And also sad. But mostly proud. He's getting so big.

Next week he goes in for a sedated procedure. They are going to possibly drain the fluid (if there is any) out of his ears and put tubes in (if they are needed). Then they are going to do a hearing test and we will finally have definitive results on how much he can hear. (That's what they say, anyway, but we know how that goes.) We should be going home the same day, but I'm feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. Expecting good things though!

He also had a really good night last night. The first in a while. No coughing or desating. Yay! It was probably an isolated incident, but we'll take it. 

Okay... I'm going to attempt to make a quiche (first one ever... I know - sad) for breakfast. Let's hope this turns out better than the sea monkey thing. 


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  1. I remember all too clearly my sea monkey experience. It was many years ago. I was so excited that I found a creature my husband would allow in the house. I followed the directions to the tee and they were dead within the week. We had a grave in the kitchen too! lol
    So happy to hear about Rambo's good night and sitting up twice! oxxxoxoo Aunt Linda
    PS Check out my fb page. I put up a picture of Bamboo with sunset glowing on it.