Monday, April 23, 2012

Finger down!

I am currently typing this minus my left pointer finger. I had a run in with a rather sharp knife whilst I was slicing bread. Of course, short of choking to death, this is one of my biggest fears. And of course, we had just gotten back from a doctors appointment, everyone was hungry, the dog needed to go out (yes, we got a puppy) and I was feeling slightly stressed. Anyway, I think now there was maybe no need for me to go wake up Ben who is on night shift and say "I cut myself!!!" But it was only when he looked at it and said, "Amanda, just put a band aid on it," that I realized it wasn't as bad as I had pictured. Oh well. 20/20 hindsight. I hope you were able to get back to sleep, Ben.

All that to say, it's taking me a little longer to type this with a lobster claw on the end of my hand. But none of this is really important. 

First things first... we got a puppy. This could be considered by some as a dumb move because of our current situation. They could be correct. But... look at him!!!

He's so cute!! Who could deny him??? Plus, it helps that he's wonderful and snuggly and playful. Also, not chewing on any of Theodore's wires has played to his advantage. It does not help that he has yet to be house trained, but what can you do? He really is a very good puppy and already a part of our family.We love him!!

Secondly, before the last few days of rain, we were enjoying the sunshine for all it was worth. For the very first time since being home, I was able to take the kids to the park!! The nurse was here with Rambo and the other 3 and I went to slide down slides and swing on swings. Side note: I am not as young as I used to be. 

They had tons of fun just in case you couldn't tell by their swing induced drunk faces. Also, Israel lost another tooth - not at the park, but the picture reminded me. It wasn't until he came down in the morning with the tooth in his hand and a look of disappointment on his face that I remembered to tell him that sometimes the silly tooth fairy runs behind. It wasn't that he was forgotten. Especially if you lose your tooth right before bed - you get put at the bottom of the list. It takes her a while to make her rounds. Just remember that, kids. But by midday, he had his money and life could once again be joyful.

Thirdly, we got a survey in the mail about our last outpatient visit - you know, the one where they sent us home because they miserably failed. So that should be fun to fill out. 

Fourthly, Theodore is fighting off tracheitis AGAIN. They almost sent us to the hospital, but thankfully my mom was able to drop what she was doing so we could see his pediatrician where we talked them into sending us home on an antibiotic promising to call if anything changed. Today he is doing much better.

Fifthly, it's my dads birthday. He loves lots and lots of attention on his birthday - like phone calls, and cards and just popping in unannounced so be sure to drop him a line. You're welcome, dad. And happy birthday!!!

And lastly, but possibly most importantly, I had every intention of writing a special post on April 18. Why?  Because that marks exactly one year since we've been home. One year!!! I was counting down the days until I forgot. Then I realized 4 days late that I had missed it. Mom of the year award goes to me! So, no special post now. The time has passed. But I will say that one year ago I never saw myself where I am today. God has blessed me abundantly and I can never thank Him enough. Although, I'd like to never have a year again like this past one if it can be avoided, we as a family will never be the same- in a good way.



  1. A puppy for me to play with - oh goody!!
    But what is it's name? Do I just say "Come here, you sweet faced, soft fluffy thing."?
    Israel, Ruth, Emma: so tell me all about it!
    I bet Teddy loves it too! There's just nothing like a new puppy (sorry to all you cat lovers).
    Much much love, Aunt Sandy

  2. I love their matching swing faces! And yay for one year, even if it is late! :)