Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only us.

I wonder how these things happen. I really do. Just when you think you have all your bases covered a snake comes from no where and bites you in the butt....or something like that. Today was Theodore's ear procedure. Cue 3:30am and I'm stumbling out of bed to immediately make a pot of coffee- is there really anything else you should be doing at that time of morning, you know, besides sleeping? Somehow I accomplish that, manage to make breakfast and get out of the house without forgetting anything by 4:30am. Thanks largely in part to our nurse and the aforementioned coffee. This is a miracle to me considering the last time we left for Hopkins I completely left behind the suction machine. The second most important thing. That is what early mornings do to me. And even though I was forgetting mid walk what I was walking to get this morning we still made it out incident free. Cue 5:50am. Arrive at Hopkins and get literally the best parking spot of all time. Check in upstairs then downstairs and wait. Finally get called back to pre-op/recovery area and get all settled in. His nurse comes back after awhile and starts asking questions. It was only then they realize he's on continuous oxygen to which she says "Oh, we don't do surgery on people on oxygen." Well, that would have been really freaking good to know 3 hours ago, lady! After double checking she tells us they absolutely can not do it because they just aren't prepared in the outpatient center for that. He would have to be admitted to the main hospital and have it done there. She puts a call into the doctor to see if he can have it done today as an inpatient. What are the chances of that happening? Exactly. Not good. So we turned around and came home. So here's my question: HOW in the world does something like the fact that he is on oxygen slip through the cracks like that??? Especially since one of the doctors doing one of the procedures today has known him SINCE BIRTH. And we set up the appointment through her because the audiologist couldn't set it up through her office because HE'S ON OXYGEN. After the nurse got ahold of the doc she said that she wasn't aware of that protocol. You can believe that if you like. Why do they insist on getting all your paperwork at least 24 hours ahead of time if they aren't even going to look at it? If they had then they would have seen his stats and we could have been called instead of wasting a trip. But no. They did give us a parking coupon and a $10 gas card as recompense. That'll do, pig. I suppose. So Ben and I have been walking around in a sleep walking state all day. I guess missing out on 4 hours sleep isn't THAT big of a deal... Needless to say, no more answers. Oh well.

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