Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do I spy...?

A smile???? Why yes I do. And also nose bubbles. We have been able to squeeze out a few smiles from little man for the past two days. It's a rare occurrence but a welcome sight. Right now Rambo is absolutely hating that he is stuck on his back with his arms restrained. He wants to be able to roll from side to side and/or bounce in his bouncer to fall asleep. Neither of which are possible so he is a nightmare come nap or bed time. Most of our time has been spent trying (in vain) to console him so his heart rate and temperature don't get high. In the picture I was actually enjoying a few minutes of "This little piggy..." and "Pat-a-cake". I'm in the whole mask get-up because he has a contagious virus and we don't want to spread it so anytime we get near him we have to put on the gown, gloves and mask. 

As far as progress goes, there is none. Well, that's not true. There have been no set backs for the past two days so I'll take that as progress. He has not improved, but he isn't getting worse. His xrays show that his lungs are the same (equals bad) but it seems he has rested some and we are carefully lowering his vent settings to see if he can handle it. Obviously the hope is that this will not cause his body to get tired out again but I guess we can only do so much and then leave the rest up to him. 

I was going to upload a few more pictures but they are taking forever to upload right now so I'll try again later. I'm going to go drink some Orangina and limber up so I can stand for another two hours and try to get this kid to sleep. 

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