Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't say a word....

...but it looks like we might be going home this weekend. Let's all play dumb and keep our lips sealed so that Rambo doesn't pick up on it. 

He has done extremely well the past two days and although his lungs are still filled with 'stuff' the virus has moved on. We are now just getting through the residual affects (effects... whichever). I'm not sure whether we are looking at tomorrow or Saturday but I'll take either one. As long as an end is in sight then I'm okay with that. 

Right now he is happily sitting in a bouncer for the first time in over a week and I'm pretty sure he couldn't be happier. He has missed bouncing A LOT. He's almost asleep and I'm hoping he conks out here soon so that I can grab some lunch. 

In more important news (don't take it personally, Rambo, it's just for today), today is my and Ben's 9th anniversary. I never thought we would make it. :) (Yes I did.) I love you, Ben, and I hope one day we are that cute old couple holding hands walking into Walmart. You in some schnazzy old man garb and me most likely hobbling on a cane. But we'll be laughing and smiling and happy. I say it every year, but I love you more today than I did when I said "I do." You really are the intelligent side of this relationship, let's be honest. But I know you can't deny how endearing I am :) I love you forever!

And on that note, Theodore is asleep and I'm getting out of here while I can!!!



  2. Hope that you both had a great anniversary!!!

    Hoping to see you all soon and hoping he stays happy while he's a bouncin'!!