Thursday, May 17, 2012

On second thought...

This is the second go at this post. Not because my first one wasn't good enough, or witty enough or because I didn't finish it or... .anything.... Just because I thought better of it. You see, I've had a hellacious week.


There were certainly the good moments like Emma's birthday. Like Ruthie making me hard boiled eggs for breakfast on mother's day. Like the birthday/mother's day party. Like Emma so innocently wishing over her birthday cake candles to be the tooth fairy. (Adorable, amiright?) I'm willing to admit that when she told me that it almost brought me to tears because that sweet innocence will be gone all too soon. But for right now, she really believes she could be the tooth fairy. And no worries, Ben was sure to capitalize on my sad state by mocking me and actually making me cry. Thanks, babe. I can always count on you. Lord help me the day Emma finds out the tooth fairy isn't real. She couldn't care less about Santa, but this is going to break her heart - and mine. Like Theodore's extra good good mood for a day. 

Other than that it's been at least 7 days of frustration and busyness and more frustration. So that's why this post originally started with something along the lines of lots of insinuated expletives and me saying I'd rather drive nails into my head then live.

I'm 99% sure that two of my kids have strep throat. Please someone tell me how they got strep throat when they don't go anywhere!!! Nowhere!! So now I get to take them to the doctors tomorrow(hopefully they can fit them in). As though I haven't done that enough this week. They have fevers which means I also have to buy my third bottle this year of BOTH tylenol and ibuprofen. That junk is expensive. Of course I'm going to buy them. They are my children and need to feel better, it's just one more thing.

We had a pointless trip to Baltimore yesterday. Okay.. maybe not pointless, but it could have and should have been done over the phone. (More on that appointment later.) And today we got to JHH a half an hour early (yay us!), got his vitals taken and made it to the room just on time where we proceeded to wait 50 minutes for the doctor. Who, when she FINALLY comes in, goes about her normal business like nothing is wrong. No apologies or acknowledgment of the wait at all. She seriously acted like she was early instead of late. I.was.seething. 

I get home from the hospital today only to rush to take the puppy to get his vaccine so he can go to his puppy class on Saturday. Stop and pick up McDonalds for dinner for everyone and there is no longer a dollar menu. 

And then after doling out medicines and cool cloths to the kids before bed the stupid bathroom door falls off. It's a brand new door. Why is this thing falling off? AND THEN after telling the kids not to touch it..... yup.


And now we have to count on our family/friends once again to come once again to help us out once again with watching Theodore or the other kids or driving me somewhere... so the kids can go to the doctors tomorrow. No one gets a break. I'd like to take this moment in time to apologize to everyone I've ever known for how incredibly dependent upon you I've become. My life is ridiculous and you are suffering for it. I know you probably cringe every time you see that I'm calling you. I know you are giving up more than I'll ever know to be at our beck and call. Please trust me when I say that I hate it too. I HATE that I'm calling you and asking for help again. I HATE that it can't just be a call to chat. I HATE that I'm cancelling our plans last minute because something came up.

All that being said, my feelings haven't changed since I started the original post. They are the same as the expletives and the like. But I guess self control got the better of me. There is no point in airing my frustrations to the world. Although, Ben might prefer that instead of a heated phone call to him :) So instead I will try to run to the One who is constant. Lay my grievances out before Him and pray that I come away with a sacrifice of praise. Because, if I'm honest, what a sacrifice that is sometimes.  

I also remember saying I was going to try to make this years posts be a little more positive. So on that note, creepy Bay Bridge toll guy hitting on me.... is a plus???.... Sour sour lemonade, people.





  1. AWWW cuz. Wish I lived closer I would so be there any time you called. Rambo is just so darn are Israel, Ruth and Emma. I would love to be there to help. You are an amazing person to handle all that you have been given. Anytime you want to vent or just cry on the phone to someone call me. Big hugs to you. I would love to give it to you in person. If I had a jet plane to get to you. I have my own drama right now but misery loves company so you call me anytime you need to talk.


  2. Love you too, Sarah!

    Theresa, yes, let's call each other and vent. The other person doesn't even have to say anything. We'll just scream and cry and then get off the phone feeling much better..... hopefully :) I hope things quickly work out well on your end. Hopefully we'll be able to work a day out this summer to get together.