Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful 1.0

Today I will not think about how Rambo was worse today than yesterday.

I will not think about how his fever and heart rate are up.

Or how his pnemonia is worse.

Or how we are away from 3 of our kids yet again.

I will not think about how we will miss out on our anniversary weekend.



I will be thankful for....

Sushi and Sapporo.

A harbor view (even in a city I don't care for tremendously.)


(All of which were from our evening of choosing to make the best of our situation and enjoy our anniversary even if it's not what we had planned.)

Finding my three year anniversary gift that I lost several months ago!
In the pocket of a sweatshirt! Woot!

Humor from the PICU staff.

Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls. RASPBERRY, people!! Be jealous.

And to list a few that I don't have pictures of....

Rambo being slightly less agitated tonight before bed.

God continuing to give me the urgency to get Theodore more care.

The forsight to fly him out.

A husband who put up with my exhaustion and unrelenting concern. And who supported me to make sure I was satisfied.

Parents who drop what they're doing to come to help:
My mom coming last minute to help me rush to the doctor only to turn around and be sent home.
My mother in law coming last minute to help me decide what to do.

*For the few who may care: Today is not actually our anniversay, it's the 31st. Our plans were for next weekend, but we don't know where we'll be. And funds are now being spent here.
9 years! I seriously deserve a trophy. :)

I'm walking in faith today. Hopefully I'll do the same tomorrow.

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  1. What an inspiration. I applaud you for continuing to give thanks even when it's hard. God is so good! Praying for a better weekend for you!

    Btw is that an opal? Gorgeous!

  2. Yes, What an inspiration. Being Thankful in all things. Finding the good in each day, each moment. Love the ring. You found it just in time to celebrate your anni. Happy 9 years to you and Ben. Once again, we appreciate the updates. xooxoxox Aunt Linda

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you got a little lightness to your day. It all looked lovely. Sarah Bruns