Saturday, May 12, 2012

That was successful... kind of.

Today is Emma Rose's 5th birthday!!

She said last night she was going to wake up early and get in my bed for birthday snuggles in the morning. I didn't believe it until she actually did it at 6:45am.

I think she's had a pretty good day- hello kitty tablecloths, presents, cake...

Ben worked today so her party is on Tuesday where she will again get out the tablecloth, open presents, eat cake...

Today was also our first Puppy PreK class. I am proud to say that I made it out of the house and to the class on time with two kids in tow! That's pretty amazing for 9am. Of course, this was all thanks to our nurse. Somehow I managed to find a place for the dog (they don't come to the first class), a place for my oldest, and a place with me for the girls without even remembering Rambo. How do I forget him? Imagine my surprise when my sister in law asked who was taking care of him for that hour. (Thank you, Leah, that could have been bad. Don't tell anybody I forgot about him.) Thankfully, we had a few extra nursing hours we could switch around and she was kind enough to oblige.  

So I thought our day was going pretty smoothly... until....

One of the two batches of cookies I made this morning got 
water spilled all over them (they were a gift... 
Sorry, Rob, I hear they taste the same soggy.)

Emma turned her cake upside down to "put it the right way."

My sewing machine broke the needle somehow in the midst of 
sewing something.

My favorite cat got "chased" out of the house by the dog again.

I'm sure there were a million other things but I shall think of them no more. This is why I'm considering it a semi-successful day. Nothing too tragic, just little tiny constant drive me crazy frustrations.

But just to make me smile... and then have to get up and untangle him...

 ... is Theodore just being himself.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks! Have a wonderful Mother's Day all you wonderful mothers!! 


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  1. Happy birthday, Emma!!!

    Happy Mother's Day, Amanda.

    Love, Aunt Peggy