Friday, May 11, 2012

Up and up.

*whispering* Rambo is doing better each day. After his downhill day this week I was sure that Hopkins could not be avoided. Whatever he had appeared to be in his lungs. Not sure what happened over that day and a half but I guess he decided he was going to get the better of it this time. I like that decision. Hopkins avoided again!

Next week we have two Baltimore appointments, of course on back to back days. I suppose making two trips up there is far better than having to stay there. But I do hear the new Children's Center is nice... I guess that's something to look forward to if needs be... Rambo will see his geneticist and then nutritionist. I'm hoping that new tests are out for genetics, but I doubt it. We haven't heard anything from his doctor saying they've found someone else like him or that new tests have been completed. My hopes are still up for a new genetic disorder named after him. Looking for the bright side, people. 

I'm not sure the nutritionist will change anything. His weight gain has evened out and he doesn't seem to be getting too chunky. His glucose levels were high last time so we'll see if they want to do another test on that. But other than that we're holding steady. 

In different news, my little girls birthday is tomorrow. Emma Rose will be 5. UNBELIEVABLE. She's a precious girl and I can't believe she is growing up so fast. Love her!

Don't forget it's mothers day this weekend. You have now been warned - DO NOT FORGET. You no longer have any excuses. Jewelry, plants, and/or breakfast in bed are always winners...

Also, check out the Rambo's Heart page for some updated info! 


  1. Good news. Rambo is living up to his name. Always pushing forward. Happy, Happy, Happy & oh yeah one more child..... Happy Mother's Day to you. You deserve all the above Jewelry, plants and breakfast in bed. And ask my Brother In-law - your Father In-law to watch the kids as Ben takes you out to dinner. Hows that? xoxoxo Linda

  2. AWWWWW!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA ROSE!!! Love that sweet, loving little heart :)

    Also, YAY for Rambo kicking that "whatever" in the rear! Keep it up, buddy!

  3. the new childrens center is great, make sure you park in the Orleans garage and enjoy the view.